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  There are many SCA related websites on the internet, but the following links are to websites specifically aimed toward those new to the SCA so they can find out all they can about the SCA and how to live in the Current Middle Ages.

See below for various online Discussion Groups

  • Society for Creative Anachronism Official Website for the SCA. Go here to find a group near you and other resources for joining the SCA.
  • Research Articles, Research and Links to help you learn the art of researching for your SCA persona.
  • Forward Into the Past An Introductory Guide to the SCA published by the SCA.
  • Renaissance Magazine Medieval Links SCA, SCA related sites, and Sites of interest to members in the SCA.
  • Medieval Scotland Collection of Articles and Resources for those interested in Scotland between 500 - 1603
  • Stefan's Florilegium A compilation of research, discussion group posts, articles and files. A treasure house of information!
  • The Academy of Saint Gabriel does historical research on names and heraldry, primarily for history hobbyists interested in re-creating medieval and Renaissance Western cultures. The Academy will give you information about the authenticity of your name or arms; and if they believe it could be more authentic, they will suggest ways to improve it. However, they cannot help you with questions about genealogy or family arms. They also generally do not help people trace the origins of modern surnames.

Online SCA Discussion Groups:


We are The Barony of Three Dragons. We are a shipping and merchant company of medieval time. Most of our events are held in Southern California.


This is the unofficial meeting place for the populous of the Shire of Al-Sahid, Kingdom of Caid, SCA


Albanach is a group within the Society for Creative Anachronism devoted to the study and re-creation of Scottish life between the years 503 and 1603 AD.


For reenactors! Are you trying to figure out what fabric is period when and where it was used for what and how? Would you like to know what modern fabrics resemble period fabrics most closely? Us too. Geared toward the SCA but any reenactors are welcome.

Caid Brewers E-mail group of the Right Noble Order of the Brewer's Guild of Caid, a Kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
CAGDreiburgen The Culinary Arts Guild of Dreiburgen will endeavor to study and enjoy medieval foods and feasting.


Backup mailing list for members and participants of the Society for Creative Anachronism to discuss topics of interest to the SCA and in particular the Kingdom of Caid.

Caid Moneyer

This list serves to help coordinate moneying activities in The Kingdom of Caid. Its members are dedicated to learning, teaching, and practicing the art of making coins in the medieval style.

Caid Rapier For discussion and chatter of rapier fighters in Caid.
Caid Thrown Weapons For discussion of  issues and circulation of information for Thrown Weapons activities within the Kingdom of Caid. 


This list has been created as a way to connect people interested in re-enacting Celtic culture (through the SCA and other groups) from all over the world.


Command Performance is an email list for performers off all types in the Kingdom of Caid


Share techniques inspiration, short cuts and ideas with others.


This group is for those that want to make an SCA persona that falls in the pre-1000 area of the medieval period.


For buying selling or trading of medieval and Renaissance related clothing and accessories

GodeCookery The Gode Cookery website's discussion group: medieval food and cooking.


A discussion group and online community for female fighters in the SCA and their supporters.


This group is for those who want to know about Medieval merchants Medieval merchant specials Medieval merchant websites Medieval merchants at events


Known World Medieval Encampment Guild-- mailing list for those interested in tents wood-working furniture research and construction camp cooking and any other aspects of reenactment camping.


The Tavern Wall is a moderated list serve for subjects of the SCA Kingdom of Meridies.


The Tavern Yard is an open forum for discussion related to SCA-related activities in the Kingdom of Meridies.


Diabetics and relatives of diabetics in the SCA

MonsDraconis Members of the SCA Canton of Mons Draconis in Dreiburgen, Caid.


This is the Shire of Nant-y-Derwyddon Listserv


list group for the study and discussion of Norse mythology and the Gods and Goddesses of the Edda's and mythology.


NorsefolkArchives is a valuable resource for those interested in Norse and Viking culture. It is a read-only archive for messages from the old Norsefolk list


Dedicated to the advancement of the Ceramics Arts in CAID (as part of the Society for Creative Anachronisms).


Discussion of traditional target archery in the Society for Creative Anachronism


This list is for merchants who vend at Society for Creative Anachronism events in CAID


File area for sca-cooks


This list is for persons or parents of the disabled in the Society for Creative Anachronism.


A mailing list for Drummers throughout the Known World (SCA).


Medieval Renaissance costuming discussion for Society for Creative Anachronism participants and related groups

SCA Gardening This is a gathering point to find out what kind of gardening SCAdians are doing, and what kind of gardening they would like to learn about. 


Discussion of historical and modern herbalism in the Society for Creative Anachronism


Hats and Headgear Veils and Hairstyles. We will be discussing and exchanging information about everything worn above the neck especially within the SCA time period.


For SCA newbies and oldies alike


A list of potters active in the Society of Creative Anachronism for the exchange of ideas and conversation.


Whether you are a new bard or an experienced bard please come hither and commence sharing your storytelling poetical musical and juggling tips and trivia.


This is a list for Brewers throughout the SCA to discuss issues events competitions brewing and anything else of interest.


A forum for the discussion of issues and ideas within the Barony of Gyldenholt


For SCA folks without a local/home group or who prefer for one reason or another to remain free of a regional group


This site is for bakers of all ages and skill to gather and discuss baking techniques from the Middle Ages and Renaissance


List members will find open discussion in the areas of medieval food and feasts. Topics cover all aspects of cooking and feasting


 Valdis Isbrandsdottir

Main Page | My SCA Membership | Persona | Modern Information | Research | SCA Arts & Sciences | MY A&S Projects  |
Research Pages: History of Norway | Norwegian Culture | Runes | Norse Mythology | The Valkyrie |
Norse & Scandinavian Names
| Historical Sources | Norway & Viking Timeline | Viking History | Arts & Sciences of the Vikings |
Food of the Vikings | Social Structure of the Vikings | Music | Norse Mythology & the Zodiac |